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An Atlanta blogger scores the interview of a lifetime with her childhood celebrity crush - Micah Wellington. Before becoming an international movie star, Micah won the hearts of many cast as America’s favorite son on a highly successful sitcom.

When a post-dinner walk on the beach is ruined by an unexpected wave dowsing the pair from head to toe, they inadvertently end up at his opulent home. When passions mount and a gentle kiss elevates to more, she discloses that she’s been in a platonic, sexless marriage for the last six years.

Forbidden fruit is the juiciest, but is it worth the bite?

Pages: 450

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This book hits differently when you've lived through some of the same things as the characters.

— K. Bridges

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This story has reignited my belief in love after divorce. I am truly looking forward to finding my forever person.

— M. Gooding

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Every woman should experience love-making like this at least once in her life time. This needs to be movie!

— T. Bledsoe

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After a rough year of loss, this book was the mental escape that I needed. I just love this couple. I feel like family.

— Q. Bentley

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Between the good and bad, the ups and downs, the Wellingtons are my #relationshipgoals.

— A. Shaw

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Very well-written. I needed this in my life. Who knew a book would help me to believe in black men again?

— E. Butler

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A hidden gem!

— J. Nicholas

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Completely enthralled.

— D. Dixon

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Didn't want it to end.

— S. Patterson