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Micah (The Complete Series)

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An Atlanta-based blogger finds herself in the whirlwind of a lifetime when she scores an exclusive interview with her childhood celebrity crush, Micah Wellington. Long before his rise to international stardom as a movie icon, Micah captured hearts as America’s beloved sitcom sweetheart.

As fate would have it, a post-dinner stroll along the beach takes an unexpected turn when a rogue wave crashes over them, leaving them soaked from head to toe. Seeking refuge from the elements, they find themselves unexpectedly at Micah's lavish estate.

Amidst the opulence of his home, passions ignite and a tender kiss sparks an undeniable chemistry between them. In the midst of their escalating intimacy, she unveils a secret that has weighed heavily on her heart: despite her outwardly content marriage, it has been devoid of passion or physical connection for the past six years.

Caught between the allure of a long-desired fantasy and the complexities of her reality, she grapples with the overwhelming emotions that swirl within her. As their evening unfolds, they are both faced with the challenge of navigating the tangled web of desire, loyalty, and self-discovery that threatens to alter the course of their lives forever.

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Ages 18+

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