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The Interview (Wellington Series | eBook 1) by Sydni Jones Wellington

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The Interview (Wellington Series | eBook 1):

Told from the perspective of Sydni Jones. A burgeoning Atlanta blogger scores the interview of a lifetime with her childhood celebrity crush - Micah Wellington. Prior to becoming an international movie star, Micah won the hearts of many young girls playing America’s favorite son on a highly-successful sitcom.

Their meeting at the LAX airport starts innocently enough, but as they go through dinner, their witty banter and undeniable chemistry is palatable. During their meal, Micah suspects that Sydni’s husband is apathetic about the vibrant beauty sitting before him. When a post-dinner walk on the beach is ruined by an unexpected wave dowsing the pair from head to toe, they inadvertently end up at his opulent home.

When passions mount and a gentle kiss elevates to more, she discloses that she’s been in a sexless marriage for the last six years. Forbidden fruit is the juiciest, but is it worth the bite?

No cliffhangers.
Page Count: 142
Content Warnings: Mature (18+)
Delivery: Email with downloadable epub format
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