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Back by popular demand is the complete Wellington Series Book Bundle for your reading pleasure. Start at the beginning of Sydni and Micah's love story and get lost in their lives as their journey unfolds. 6 full eBooks. No cliff hangers. Enjoy Book Trailers & Book Excerpts here.

The Interview (Wellington Series | eBook 1):

Told from the perspective of Sydni Jones. A burgeoning Atlanta blogger scores the interview of a lifetime with her childhood celebrity crush - Micah Wellington. Prior to becoming an international movie star, Micah won the hearts of many young girls playing America’s favorite son on a highly-successful sitcom.

Their meeting at the LAX airport starts innocently enough, but as they go through dinner, their witty banter and undeniable chemistry is palatable. During their meal, Micah suspects that Sydni’s husband is apathetic about the vibrant beauty sitting before him. When a post-dinner walk on the beach is ruined by an unexpected wave dowsing the pair from head to toe, they inadvertently end up at his opulent home.

When passions mount and a gentle kiss elevates to more, she discloses that she’s been in a sexless marriage for the last six years. Forbidden fruit is the juiciest, but is it worth the bite?

Page Count: 142

The Tour (Wellington Series | eBook 2): Told from the perspective of Sydni Jones Wellington. In the second installation of the Wellington Series, the former blogger, has secretly published her first inspirational book. As a devoted wife and mother, she never imagined that her book would garner a national book tour and brand endorsements. She was completely unprepared for how vastly her world would expand outside of Micah, and his violent reaction to it all. Will the sudden rise of her writing career be the demise of her marital bliss?

Page Count: 79

The Truth (Wellington Series | eBook 3):

Told from the perspective of Sydni Jones Wellington. The third installation of the Wellington Series begins eleven years after the end of The Tour. Micah and Sydni’s four children are now teenagers who are attempting to navigate adulthood. Micah has always mandated that there are ‘no secrets’ in their house, so when the topic of sex arises, Sydni pushes their children to have a moment of honesty. Unbeknownst to the couple, their children’s curiosity of their parents’ love story forces them into revealing their biggest secret yet.

Page Count: 167

The Circle (Wellington Series | eBook 4): In the fourth installation of the Wellington Series, Sydni and Micah Wellington should be enjoying their empty nest in Turks & Caicos and his retirement from the film industry, but a secret medical issue has come to the surface and Sydni just wants to live out the rest of their days - the rest of her days - in bliss, even if it’s ignorant bliss. Having vowed to love each other until the end of time, they’d already overcome death twice, but will this issue end their love story much sooner than either of them would have imagined?

Page Count: 122

The Encore (Wellington Series | eBook 5):

The fifth installation of the Wellington Series focuses on independent filmmaker, Malcolm Wellington, the youngest son of Sydni and Micah. Malcolm Wellington sets out to bring his parents' love story to the big screen. Casting his parents’ doppelgangers for his movie turns out to be more monumental than anyone can imagine. While he's enjoying the creative process of the craft, art begins to imitate life, one encore after another.

Page Count: 111

The Vision (Wellington Series | eBook 6): For years, Micah Wellington’s nemesis, Paxton Bixby, has unashamedly professed his love for Sydni. In Paxton’s quest to no longer be 'Mr. Love 'em and Leave 'em', he quietly decides to take the path of celibacy in hopes that it will lead to authentic love. In this final installment of the Wellington Series, we are introduced to the owner of the Paisley Day Spa, Pia Paisley - the woman who jokingly put Paxton’s picture on her vision board, never dreaming that she’d ever meet him, more or less, capture his heart.

Page Count: 76

Content Warnings: Mature (18+)

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